All Presentations were created and guided by Archangel MICHAEL & presented by clairaudient author Jason M. Leen who is respected throughout the world as one of Archangel MICHAL’S most inspired and athentic messengers.

As Jason is now in the Heavenly Realms,
live presentations are no longer available,
but some of the seminars are available on CD or tapes.

Message From Jason:

Dear Friends,

I send you each my personal greeting, wishing you a happy and healthy journey, wherever you are as you read this message. I hope each of you can find time to carefully read the information about the seminars, allowing the sacred energy that MICAHEL is sending to connect with your heart as well as your mind.

As many of you know, the actual experience of each two-day Blessing that MICHAEL gives me to share with the world is much more than a collection of words, however accurate and inspiring the words may be. These sacred experiences are a unique blend of heaven and earth, of form and energy, of information and love that encourage a deep and compassionate awakening in the heart/mind of each person. We each take these Blessings into our daily life and allow them to awaken an ancient memory; a memory of greatness that unfolds as we take gentle steps towards a closer relationship with ourselves, with each other, with the Earth and with the Universe as well.

With my love, Jason.

Some of Jason's Seminars are available on CD
Some of the Seminars offered are listed below.
Please click on each for more detailed information.
There are other seminars available on CD not listed. .

1) Messages from the Akasha

MESSAGES FROM THE AKASHA: Dreamtime Songs of the Blue Whales and the Dolphins and their relationship to the visions of Archangel MICHAEL, regarding the New Heaven and the New Earth.

2) Secret of the Heart, Living the Magnificent Life

MICAHEL comprehends the internal conflict that keeps many people captive within a world of confusion and doubt, isolated from their dreams and unable to find the door that opens to their wonderful future. During our two days together we will be cared for by seven Archangels who unlock the seven internal gates hidden within the subtle bodies, allowing the sacred Presence of the heart to unify the four aspects of our Being. Assisted by a series of harmonic tones specifically designed for this presentation, each of our seven internal centers (connected to but different then the chakras) harmonizes with the love radiating from the heart, allowing a subtle but significant transformation to take place within our perception and within our conceptual mind. inviting us into a deeper devotion of our divinity and our humanity and our magnificant life.

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