Fleurs Angelique Flower Elixirs invite each of us to look into the mirror of our Soul, where we may Behold our True Beauty

Fleur Angelique elixirs represent a new era in healing, as a vast and vitally important awakening takes place regarding our collective understanding of health. A new definition of well being that includes harmony and happiness is beginning to take focus. These unique elixirs offer a new system of reference and influence, based upon the sacred knowledge received by Jason from Archangel MICHAEL during the past 15 years. This personal dedication and purity of heart and mind allows Jason to prepare and present these elixirs in a clear and concise manner that opens a door to a new world, where the flower kingdom speaks of a new Earth, alive with opportunity for all!

Although Fleurs Angelique Elixirs are based upon extraordinary spiritual communication with the Archangels, the results which the elixirs produce, bring very practical benefits to every level of human experience. Developed through 10 years of dedicated research and verification of results, this extraordinary family of flower elixirs offers one of the most precise restorative abilities of any elixir in the world, creating direct matrix alignments with the four core elements of each human being, which are body, emotions, mind and spirit, while radiating their specific quality to all 12 levels of our human nature, including, sound, light, atomic, molecular, cellular, internal organs, entire body, community, Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and Universal.

While the central purpose of the entire collection of 208 Fleurs Angelique Elixirs is to reflect the reality of Divine Being and focus wholeness into all levels of human awareness, each of the elixirs have a special contribution to accomplishing the collective good. The entire family of 208 elixirs is divided into 4 parts, representing body, emotional, mind and spirit, containing 48 single flower elixirs and 4 multiple flower elixirs in each. Each of the elixirs contains living energy transferred from the flower into the molecular structure of the sacred water. These living energies represent qualities of the New Earth, the Paradise Earth, that are currently alive and well within the Universe of the Soul.

Fleurs Angelique Elixirs invite each person to look into the sacred mirror of the elixir and behold their true beauty, as they remember their true identity and begin to experience their infinite capacity for joy and love. These radiant elixirs are a simple, direct and effective way to introduce the benevolent power of divine love into our life. The Divine Mother opens her heart and sings a song of grace and compassion that blesses these cosmic gifts, allowing each of them to illuminate our life with the golden light of Paradise.

The manner in which the Elixirs work is connected to the Quantum energy of the Human Soul, where all Beauty and Grace live and Bless the life from within. The Elixirs represent this inner world. They reflect the truth of this inner reality in a manner that allows a connection with the external world to take place.

Let us use an example of Orange Rose, with the quality of Harmony. As we apply 3 drops of the Elixir on the top of the head with the dropper, the energy of Harmony enters the body, emotions, mind and spirit, allowing our Essential Self to remember that Harmony is our true nature.

In this manner, the Elixir does not "supply" an increase of harmony, nor does it seek to merely treat a symptom, but rather it introduces the truth of Harmony into the four aspects of our being and our Spirit responds, reminding us with a gentle whisper that harmony has always been alive within the depths of our being.

As so it is with the entire collection of these sacred elixirs that they restore a full memory of the quality that they represent and assist the essential Self in the remembrance of that aspect of our true nature. In their loving care, we begin to remember the beauty, grace, abundance and purpose of our eternal essence.


Question: How do I choose an elixir?

Answer: The best way to discover the elixirs that are right for you are to take a moment and look at yourself, openly and honestly. Walk through the four quadrants of the Self, which are Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. Once you know how the four quadrants are feeling, then you can allow the purpose of each elixir to reveal itself to you. When an elixir is in harmony with your transformation you will feel a bond and a friendship. This bond is the bridge of trust that we must walk in order to find our future. Allow your heart to guide you in forming these friendships.

Question: How often should I use my elixirs?

Answer: The entire Fleurs Angelique family of elixirs is designed for application twice daily, (morning and evening) but in some instances of increased symptoms, application every 8 hours is recommended. As the benefits of the elixir begin to be apparent, usage will regulate itself through an intuitive biofeedback between the elixir and you. Follow your heart as the elixir reveals its secret.

Question: How will I know when each elixir has fulfilled its purpose?

Answer: As you hold the bottle, it will no longer vibrate as it once did, as though it is sleeping. As you read the quality of the elixir, you will feel a voice calling from deep within your Being, saying, " I am here now, as part of You… safe within your heart, I am here". A deep appreciation of this elixir will always fill your mind and bless your heart. Now this Blessing is no longer living within the bottle, now it is alive within you. This awakening will take place within each person as a natural result of the Fleurs Angelique Elixirs.

Question: Can I take Fleurs Angelique Elixirs internally, such as a homeopathic pill?

Answer: Fleurs Angelique Elixirs are designed to be applied externally on the top of the head. Although only the purest water in used in creating the elixirs, internal use is not recommended. The encoded information contained within the Fleurs Angelique Elixir transmits itself as a wave of light immediately upon contact with the skin. Due to the method of preparation, 3 drops are suggested for maximum benefit.

Question: If I am using more than one elixir at a time, is there a guideline for applying the elixirs based upon the specific number of each elixir?

Answer: The general recommendation is to begin with the elixir with the lowest number and proceed through the additional elixirs as the numbers indicate, moving from lower to higher, allowing 5 minutes between the application of each elixir, in order to fully appreciate each quality.

Question: Do I have to take any special precautions using the glass dropper as I apply the elixir?

Answer: Yes, as Fleurs Angelique Elixirs do not contain alcohol or vinegar, it is highly important to keep the glass dropper from becoming contaminated during use. Avoid touching glass dropper during application. Should the glass dropper become contaminated, rinse carefully with pure or distilled water before returning to the bottle.

Question: Many of the individual elixirs seem to represent very similar qualities. How can I distinguish between their subtleties?

Answer: First of all, let me explain what appears to be the "redundancy" in the elixirs and their specific quality. Having been a spiritual therapist for more than 20 years, I have found that while many people hold a similar wound that prevents their full and joyous life, how that wound was received and how it interacts with their core personality is so very different.

Based upon the idea that "all roads lead to Rome", all of the 208 elixirs are united within a single purpose, which is to allow each of us to experience and accept our true Divine nature. The variety of human nature and the individual expression of each Soul, prevents a simple solution to the mysterious story of human denial of our Divine Nature. As I received the specific quality for each elixir I realized that what appears to be very similar within several elixirs is actually uniquely different in ways that the human mind cannot easily nor completely comprehend.

One of the main reasons I have been chosen again and again to deliver this vitally important work is that I respect the Source of the wisdom so deeply that I never try to second guess or change something based upon my own comprehension. I am a messenger who delivers the message in the exact manner that I have received it. The many people who have responded to my work during these years throughout the world have come to trust that, and as you well know, trust is the foundation upon which all of this exists. This principle of subtle variety is the very same concept that inspires a fashion designer to offer a dress or a shirt in subtle shades of the same color, allowing each person to find that exact energy that complements their nature. Fleurs Angelique Elixirs seek to offer this same opportunity as it relates to our individual perception of and acceptance of out true Divine nature.

Fleurs Anelique Elixirs open a door into a
Universe of Light where "All is Well"

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