When Archangel MICHAEL first introduced the knowledge of Fleurs Angelique Elixirs, it was included in the teachings of the New Heaven and the New Earth, which began in 1993 and is ongoing at this time. During these years, MICHAEL has explained that the current transformation of the Universe as a process of energy refinement, where new energies are blended into the existing Creation, while being harmonically linked and aligned with the Earth.

MICHAEL has clarified that every level of the Universe is experiencing this transformation. He has also explained that while the entire Earth is preparing to share this transformation, some parts of the Earth are responding faster than others. Flowers in particular, are responding to the new energies in a very special way. This ability of the flower kingdom to receive and record the divine energies flowing into the Earth allows them to become messengers from the world of light, expressing the sacred gifts of wellbeing and wholeness, as they bless Humanity at this most important moment.

Flowers have had an intimate relationship with humanity for thousands of years. Although they do not speak a verbal language in the same manner as humans, they speak a universal language of fragrance, color and beauty. Many indigenous people throughout the world have associated specific qualities with specific flowers. Although those native systems of reference are accurate, they do not currently reflect the unprecedented changes taking place at the deepest levels of human destiny.

The dynamic properties of Fleurs Angelique Elixirs are made possible due to the guidance and direct involvement of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL during all phases of conception and creation. The unique bottling process enables Jason to create flower elixirs that are alive and blessed. During the years of research and development, these special elixirs have been available only in Switzerland and Japan. Now, due to the dedication of the Fleurs Angelique team and the support of Mana Distributors USA, the first 22 Fleurs Angelique Elixirs are currently available for sale within the United States.

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