Through the techniques involved and the direct Involvement of the Four Archangels of the Living Word: MICHAEL, RAPHAEL, URIEL & GABRIEL, we are brought face to face, heart to heart, mind to mind and essence to essence with the new voice of the Flower Kingdom.

Each species has been given a very specific palette of energy to deliver to the Earth. As they blend the specifics of their individual spectrum together, they express the full spectrum of the invisible cosmic energies flowing through the Earth undetected by most human consciousness. Through direct Divine assistance, the Flower Kingdom is invited to express this enhanced spectrum of light and love as a Blessing for the Earth.

Through the devotion of the flower kingdom, these Divine energies are being focused on Earth in a manner that is essential to the well being of Humanity. The refinement that is underway on and within the Earth is meant to be detected; it must become noticeable before it can become inter-active. This period of refinement is designed to encourage a new level of inter-action with LIFE.

During his 16 years of dedication to this sacred work, Jason has received detailed knowledge and techniques which allow the vital essence living within each flower to be recorded within pure and sacred water, creating what MICHAEL has described as Angelic Flower Elixirs or Fleur Angelique Elixirs as they are formally known throughout the world.

While some of these radiant qualities of these sacred elixirs have been known for centuries, the majority are new energies, which are being expressed for the first time. Jason has been given specific knowledge of these new energies and guided through the creation of sacred tones and sacred geometric patterns, which assist in the process of allowing these energies to be completely and perfectly recorded within the water of the elixir.

Although a wide variety of Flower Essence companies have formed throughout the world during these ten years, Fleurs Angelique Elixirs remain unique in their creation and purpose; distinctly different in many ways from any other flower elixir in the world.

These elixirs do not function as remedies, such as the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach. MICHAEL says that as humanity takes this important step into the future, we must move forward with a new sense of purpose and destiny, no longer thinking of ourselves as broken or sick, needing to be rescued. MICHAEL reminds us that, in fact if we continue to live from the reality of needing to be rescued, we will always need to be rescued.

The FLEURS ANGELIQUE elixirs are "holographic mirrors of remembrance", assisting you to remember that the specific quality of the elixir that you have applied is living within you. As you remember this part of yourself it comes alive within you in the most wonderful and significant way that is so much more effective than the greatest remedy could ever be.

The actual matrix design of FLEURS ANGELIQUE ELIXIRS is expressed as a large circle, divided into four equal parts. These four parts relate to the four aspects of the human being, which are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. There are 48 elixirs within each quadrant that are single elixirs and four within each quadrant that are blended from four flowers. These multiple elixirs speak to all four aspects at once.

Fleurs Angelique Elixirs are designed to radiate their influence to all 12 levels of our Being, which are Sound, Light, Atomic, Molecular, Cellular, Organs, Physical Body, Community, Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and Universal. The true purpose and power of these elixirs is not to repair the results of disease, but to reveal the true nature of harmony and wellbeing, which, in turn, reveals the miracle of wholeness that is the true nature of every Human Being.

MICHAEL has blessed humanity with these sacred elixirs so that we may lift the veil of our forgetfulness and in doing so, remember our true and essential Self and all that is made real by the presence of that Self. The single ability and purpose of these sacred elixirs is to awaken the memory of the true Self and bring into focus all of the wonderful and blessed qualities expressed by our own true nature.

Premier 22 Elixirs Available

The following is a brief text given by ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, describing each of the first group of 22 elixirs that are currently available for sale within the United States.

#1 Orange Rose / Quality of HARMONY
The Quality of HARMONY reveals the eternal nature of our true and essential Self; allowing each person to appreciate their purpose and value in the world. HARMONY establishes the foundation of Being, which supports all internal and external life experience with grace, dignity, love and joy.

#2 Pink Rose / Quality is COMPASSION
The quality of COMPASSION reveals the deep reservoir of understanding and tenderness that exists within the unexplored depths of the Human Heart. COMPASSION invites each of us to love and embrace our self as well as others, as we discover our ability to care transcends our need to criticize.

#3 Yellow Rose / Quality is CLARITY
The quality of CLARITY fills our entire Being with a pristine, transparent, diamond light, which allows the Spirit to perceive the circumstances of Life in a direct and intimate manner. CLARITY fills our Mind with confidence, as all forms of confusion and fear are dissipated by the radiance of our internal illumination.

#5 Red Rose / Quality is VITALITY
The quality of Vitality brings confidence, purpose, enthusiasm and joy to each person, allowing the body, mind and heart to be nourished with abundant energy flow as each person welcomes the endless parade of circumstances called Life.

#10 Peach Rose Quality is SELF LOVE
The quality of SELF LOVE heals all internal conflict and replaces the energies of self-rejection and self-judgment with compassion and forgiveness, as SELF LOVE reveals our true beauty.

#11 Lavender Rose Quality is HEART/MIND BALANCE
The quality of HEART/MIND BALANCE brings harmony to both the heart and mind as it strengthens the foundation of Being that connects them. HEART/MIND BALANCE allows the mind to perceive with the compassion of the heart, while allowing the heart to feel with the precision of the mind.

#12 Crème Rose Quality is SELF ACCEPTANCE
The quality of SELF ACCEPTANCE brings a deep peace to the mind, contentment to the heart and nourishment to the body. SELF-ACCEPTANCE opens the secret gate of the heart, allowing the Blessing of Divine Love to enter.

# 24 White Hydrangea Quality is ABUNDANCE
The quality of ABUNDANCE reveals our true relationship with Life, as it enlivens our true nature in a generous and dignified manner. ABUNDANCE provides a deep and nourishing experience that we are loved and cared for at every level of our Being as it heals all illusion of limitation and lack.

#38 Penta (pink) / Quality is HEART TO HEART
The quality of HEART TO HEART softens and expands the heart, reminding us of our great ability to love. HEART TO HEART opens the Sanctuary of Love, living in the heart, offering this sacred space to all who come in love.

#50 Pink Cyclamen / Quality is GRACE
The quality of GRACE reveals the elegant benevolence of our eternal connection with Divine Source, as infinite love, compassion and goodwill flows through all levels of our Being, inviting each of us to enter the inner Sanctum of tranquility and peace.

#55 Plumeria / Quality is ALL IS WELL
The quality of ALL IS WELL brings a deep connection to our essential Self, inviting our Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit to receive and perceive the Goodness of Life living within each moment. The quality of ALL IS WELL brings a wonderful reminder that Harmony is the true nature of the Universe.

#61 Orange Lily / Quality is PURPOSE
The quality of Purpose brings encouragement, focus, confidence and clarity to each person, allowing a deeper and more expansive participation with each experience that Life provides.

#66 Yellow Tulip / Quality is HOPE
The quality of HOPE brings a deep experience of confidence and wellbeing to the body, heart and mind. HOPE replenishes our trust in the goodness of Life, removing all illusions of fear and abandonment, as we are filled with a joyous knowing that we are loved and cared for at every level of our Being.

#79 Magenta Plumeria / Quality is LOVE SUSTAINING ALL
The quality of LOVE SUSTAINING ALL brings a deep and nourishing experience of peace throughout all levels of our Being. LOVE SUSTAINING ALL sings an ancient song of unity that heals the body, soothes the heart, inspires the mind and strengthens the spirit.

#86 Yellow Iris / Quality is ETERNAL SUNLIGHT
The quality of ETERNAL SUNLIGHT shines a radiant light of joy and confidence throughout the deepest levels of our Being, allowing us to experience this loving light regardless of the external situation that we may be facing. ETERNAL SUNLIGHT reminds each of us that the eternal light of our divinity continues to shine, even though clouds of various kinds seem to obscure our way.

#88 White Iris / Quality is REPLENISHMENT
The quality of REPLENSIHMENT reminds each of us that we are eternally connected to SOURCE and that through this connection all goodness that we require for wellbeing at all levels of our existence is constantly available for our nourishment and revitalization. REPLENISHMENT invites each of us to receive the benefit of this limitless blessing.

#143 Purple Bamboo Orchid / Quality is PARADISE
The quality of PARADISE brings an exquisite presence of joy, harmony, love and peace to all levels of our Being, revealing the true and eternal beauty of our Divine nature. PARADISE refreshes our body, heart and mind as we are nourished by this blissful essence.

#147 Purple Dendrobium Orchid / Quality is FULFILLMENT
The quality of FULFILLMENT reveals the true nature of our sacred purpose as a Human Being, unveiling the essence and beauty of our destiny, while providing a deep and nourishing awareness that we are a Gift created from equal portions of Being and Action.

#148 White Dendrobium Orchid / Quality is SACRED SPACE
The quality of SACRED SPACE unveils the pristine sanctity of our eternal Being, allowing the beauty and magnificence of our spiritual presence to illuminate and transform all aspects of our human experience; allowing the sanctuary of sacred presence to surround and enfold our life with love and harmony.

#163 Tuberose / Quality is TRANSCENDING TIME & SPACE
The quality of TRANSCENDING TIME & SPACE brings the remembrance of the true and timeless nature of out Being. It opens the doors of perception that limit our awareness of the timeless universe and allows our spirit to move freely in the vast ocean of eternity. The experience of this elixir refreshes the mind and nourishes the body and heart as the Blessing of true and infinite freedom heals our fear of isolation.

Made from Multiple Flowers

#199 Multiple Elixir / Quality is MARRIAGE HARMONY
(Blended from Jasmine, White Dendrobium Orchid, Lemon Flower and Apricot Rose)

The qualities of MARRIAGE HARMONY bring the blessings of Deep Appreciation, Sacred Space, Soul Affinity, and True Love into a perfect harmony, allowing each of us to remember the true purpose of marriage and the divine gifts that loving companions can contribute to their sacred relationship as a couple.

#200 Multiple Elixir / Quality is FAMILY HARMONY
(Blended from White Rose with pink edges, Jasmine, Lemon Flower and Purple Dendrobium Orchid)

The qualities of FAMILY HARMONY bring the blessings of Un-conditional Love, Deep Appreciation, Soul Affinity and Fulfillment into a perfect harmony, allowing each member of the family to remember the true purpose of family life and the divine blessings that each member can contribute to their sacred relationship as a family.

The following list is given here as a reference for our future production. This index indicates which quadrant the elixir appears in, as well as which of the 12 levels of Being it represents.

Sound 1-4
Light 5-8
Atom 9-12
Molecular 13-16
Cellular 17-20
Organs 21-24
Body 25-28
Community 29-32
Earth 33-36
Solar System 37-40
Galaxy 41-44
Universe 45-48

Sound 49-52
Light 53-56
Atom 57-60
Molecular 61-64
Cellular 65-68
Organs 69-72
Body 73-76
Community 77-80
Earth 81-84
Solar System 85-88
Galaxy 89-92
Universe 93-96

Sound 97-100
Light 101-104
Atom 105-108
Molecular 109-112
Cellular 113-116
Organs 117-120
Body 121-124
Community 125-128
Earth 129-132
Solar System 133-136
Galaxy 137-140
Universe 141-144

Sound 145-148
Light 149-152
Atom 153-156
Molecular 157=160
Cellular 161-164
Organs 165-168
Body 169-172
Community 173-176
Earth 177-180
Solar System 181-184
Galaxy 185-188
Universe 189-192

193-196 Body in Harmony
197-200 Heart in Harmony
201-204 Mind In harmony
205-208 Spirit in harmony

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