Peace At Last-
The Afterdeath experiences
of John Lennon

Death of the Prophet
The third book of the Prophet Trilogy
by Kahlil Gibran & Jason M. Leen

The Prophet Trilogy
by Kahlil Gibran & Jason M. Leen


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Peace At Last-The Afterdeath experiences of John Lennon
by Jason M. Leen

This book was received through Jason Leen's clairaudiant abilities
and chronicals John's experiences passing through the tunnel of Light and beyond. John shares with us through Jason not only his experiences in the paradise realms, but about many of the profound changes coming to the earth at this time.


"I've heard alot of people talk about books that changed their lives, but until I read Peace At Last I never thought I would be able to say those words. Anyone who has ever wondered what happens when we die will be delighted with the beautiful world described within these pages. I will never again be afraid of dying."


"A deep and provocative account of the transformations John Lennon experienced at death. This book allows the reader to take a front seat, on the ride of a lifetime, as the spirit of John Lennon shares his story of the afterlife. Welcomed by his mother, Julia, and surrounded by an infinite number of Divine Beings, John initiates the reader into a vast cosmic awakening, where the Sun and the Moon converse and the Earth awaits the dawning of a Golden Age. A must read for anyone searching for meaning and purpose in the modern world."

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The Death of the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran & Jason M. Leen

The Death of the Prophet is the completion to the Prophet Trilogy. Kahlil Gibran wrote The Prophet and the Garden of the Prophet and fortold in the future that it would not be his pen that would write the third book entitled The Death of the Prophet but that another man would come to receive it.. Jason Leen, not knowing any of that history and never having never read The Prophet was that man. Authenticted from the Gibran Society in Lebanon, this book is listed in the Copyright office under Jason Leen and Kahlil Gibran.

It deals with man’s relation to the universe – just as the Prophet dealt with his relation to his fellow men. In the Third book he returns from the island – and talks with various groups as they come to him – about the air above the earth and beneath the clouds – of yesterday and tomorrow – the Four Seasons – Growth – Birth – Light and Darkness again - the falling of snow – of fire and smoke.

Review:: The Death of the Prophet: The Powerful Completion of Kahlil Gibran's Immortal Trilogy (Paperback)
Very gutsy and straight forward, this book is written in Gibran's manner, but without any boundaries or caution. I absolutely loved it. There were so many truths contained in it that Gibran knew in his heart, but didn't get the chance to record on paper. A must read for everyone, even if you never read "The Prophet"!
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The Prophet Trilogy by Kahlil Gibran & Jason M. Leen
The compete and authorized edition of Gibran’s immortal trilogy.

THE PROPHET TRILOGY is a book created from a unique blend of Heaven and Earth. It is also one of the most unusual literary collaborations ever accomplished. It is compiled of three books, two of which, THE PROPHET and THE GARDEN OF THE PROPHET, were written by Kahlil Gibran, while the third book, THE DEATH OF THE PROPHET, was written by Jason Leen through a clairaudient communication with the spirit of Kahlil Gibran; an event which Gibran himself, had predicted forty years earlier before his death.

It can now be verified through both published letters and private journals of Gibran, as well as Mary Haskell, that he knew the titles of all three books and their general contents as early as 1920.

The mysteries and revelations contained within THE PROPHET TRILOGY form the heart of Gibran’s legacy and vision. Their wisdom and beauty escort us into a timeless world of universal love and understanding, nourishing our heart in ways that very few books ever have.

These beloved classics represent the full spectrum of Gibran’s clarity and understanding regarding the triune nature of humanity, revealing the three sacred relationships which nourish and transform our life while we are on the Earth; our relationship with each other, our relationship with Nature and our relationship with our Creator.

Come and experience the love and compassion within the pages of THE PROPHET TRILOGY, as Kahlil Gibran shares the completion of his greatest work.

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Some years ago Kahlil Gibran's masterpiece The Prophet inspired and moved many of us. The Lebanese born poet, philosopher and artist lovingly helped reveal us to ourselves through the insightful and profound sayings of Almustafa, 'the chosen and the beloved'. Gibran's legacy of inspired art and literature has enlightened spiritual seekers to this day, ever informing us of our living relationship with God.

Now author Jason Leen has resurrected not only the original work and its mystical sequel The Garden of the Prophet in a beautifully presented new publication, he has also brought the essence of Gibran's spiritual voice to life again in The Death of the Prophet, his channeled completion of Gibran's intended trilogy.

A book to be treasured, not only by Gibran devotees but by all who long to hear and answer to the ever beckoning voice of Love.
Mark Finnan, Canadian Actor & Playwright

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