Due to the specific manner in which these sacred elixirs communicate their quality into our awareness, the optimum method of application is to apply 3 drops of the elixir to the top of your head. The purity of the elixir allows the water droplets to be absorbed quickly, however, we suggest using your fingertips to hold the drops in place while they are being absorbed. Each elixir may be re-applied every 8 hours as desired for maximum benefit. When using more than one elixir please allow 5 minutes between each application.

Fleurs Angelique Elixirs are alive with Divine energy and are designed to communicate their Divinity within the deepest levels of our human awareness. As you apply each elixir, be prepared for this communication.

Once the drops touch your skin, the quality that lives within the elixir flows throughout your body at the speed of light, broadcasting its presence into all liquid within the entire body.

Fleurs Angelique Elixirs function as holographic mirrors, allowing individuals to transcend the belief of their limitations as they experience the truth of their infinite abilities.

Please note that Fleurs Angelique Elixirs are not homeopathic and should not be diluted in any manner. Each bottle contains 100% of the elixir specified on the label.