Jason has completed his work on the earth and has transitioned into the light, but before he left with Archangel Michael's direct guidance and assistance, he completed making these elixirs for us.
At this time all 22 elixirs on the order page are still available.

Across the landscape
of modern discontent
and disbelief,
the beauty of Fleurs
Angelique Elixirs
appear as gifts
from Heaven,
giving each of us
to believe in again
FLEURS ANGELIQUE ELIXIRS are a unique blend of Heaven and Earth, resulting from a 27-year collaboration between ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and American intuitive, Jason M. Leen. MICHAEL is the Founder of FLEURS ANGELIQUE ELIXIRS in Heaven, and Jason was the Founder of FLEURS ANGELIQUE ELIXIRS on Earth.

Beginning in 1990, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL had remained a constant cosmic companion who has shared many sacred Revelations with Jason regarding the birthing of the "New Heaven & the New Earth". One of the most important of the revelations from MICHAEL was the vision of 208 FLEURS ANGELIQUE ELIXIRS and all knowledge of their purpose and design, which Jason received during a three day visit to the Jungfrau region of Switzerland in the summer of 1993.

After more than 30 years of personal development and experience with clairaudient communication Jason was extremely qualified for the contribution that he makes to the creation of these miraculous elixirs. The precision of Jason’s abilities has been established by his meticulous attention to detail, apparent in both of his published works, THE DEATH OF THE PROPHET, The Powerful Completion of Gibran’s Immortal Trilogy, 1979, and PEACE AT LAST, The After Life Experiences of John Lennon, 1989. Jason’s tireless dedication to this sacred work and his seemingly endless ability to inspire the best within each person has created a lasting impression of friendship and kindness in the hearts of many people throughout the world.

From the care and selection of the specific flowers required for the creation of each elixir, to the unique process that allows the living essence within the flower tissue to be perfectly and completely transferred and recorded within the molecular matrix of the sacred water, Jason was specifically chosen and trained by ARCHANGEL MICHAEL to bring the sacred experience of the FLEURS ANGELIQUE ELIXIRS to the Earth. Jason’s devotion to the intricate details of their creation, combined with his precision in all aspects of his work has resulted in deep admiration, love and gratitude from countless people throughout the world who have already experienced life changing results from their use of these liquid Blessings.

As the Founder of FLEURS ANGELIQUE ELIXIRS, Jason has given each of us the deep and profound gift of Self Discovery. As a messenger of the New Heaven and the New Earth, Jason is a voice from the future where our destiny awaits. A Visionary who perceives the true beauty of the Human Spirit and a mystic who speaks a language that inspires our beauty to radiate throughout the vast landscape of our world..

FLEURS ANGELIQUE ELIXIRS are the BLESSINGS you have waited for. Wait no longer, for you will never find a better friend than ARCHANGEL MICHAEL or someone more capable of helping you to ...

"Discover the Universe of Light living within you".

All of the elixirs are created personally by Jason and ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

There are also one, two and three day seminars on DVD, CD's and cassette tapes, which are created and designed by ARCHNGEL MICHAEL and presented through Jason in their entirety, Due to Jason's extraordinary capacity and ability to perfectly allow the information to come through as it is given, these Seminars are very special and profound. Please call the main office at 707 762 1566 or Email Jan at jk@fleursangelique.com

These Elixirs are used externally, placed on the top of the head and at the speed of light
traveling to all he other liquid in the body, bringing to light their qualities.
Archangel Michael assisted Jason in creating these elixirs never to expire, even after they are opened. The energies are sealed in the elixirs in a unique way with the assistance of he Archangels.
At this time all 22 elixirs on the order page are still available.

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An inspired and dedicated team of individuals have come together to form Mana Distributors USA. This company will be the exclusive distributor for all Fleurs Angelique Elixirs within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Mana Distributors USA will develop a national network for the distribution of the Fleurs Angelique Elixirs, as well as maintain all shipments within the network.

All distribution of FLEURS ANGELIQUE ELIXIRS are coordinated through the main offices at 707 762 1819

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