Presented by ARCHANGEL MICHAEL through Jason Leen


Dreamtime Songs of the Blue Whales and the Dolphins and their relationship to the visions of Archangel MICHAEL, regarding the New Heaven and the New Earth

For everyone who has looked into the eyes of Dolphins and Whales and felt a connection with their sacred Being. For everyone who has ever questioned the purpose and the precision of the AKASHA or wondered what place they have in the New Earth. MICHAEL reveals the mystery of ancient Lemuria and how the Blue Whales and the Spinner/Bottlenose Dolphins are preparing to transmit the Codex of Amenti, awakening very specific memory and function within the Human DNA.

In Day 1 we will hear the history of the remarkable team of ancient Lemurians and Archangels who created the Codex of Amenti and understand the specific functions within the DNA that allow for the broadcast of the Codex to be received by a human being. We will share details of the fourteen years of the multidisciplinary study of the Human-Dolphin Foundation in Hawaii, which indicates that the expression of DNA, traditionally considered the "blueprint of life," can be changed by the sound and electromagnetic fields generated by dolphins, due to the nature of the DNA's coiled design, vibrating action, and "electrogenetic" functions during bio-acoustic interactions between dolphins and humans.

DNA is activated, new research shows, by waves and particles of energized sound and light which, more than chemicals or drugs, switch genes "on" or "off."

In the same manner that genetic inheritance is energetically transmitted "bio-acoustically and electromagnetically" through special water molecules that form the electro-genetic matrix of the DNA, these hydroelectric structures shaped like pyramids, hexagons, and pentagons, are directly involved in the preparation of the human mind-body complex to receive the vital information contained within the Codex of Amenti.

During the afternoon session of this most inspiring day Jason will explore how the opening of the Akasha is closely related to the coming of the Sixth Root Race, described by many as the Indigo, crystalline, or rainbow children. Jason will explain through the celestial wisdom of Archangel MICHAEL, how the Blue Whales are preparing Humanity for the transformation from a global village of loosely connected individuals into a Type I Civilization, which will be completely capable of healing all environmental problems, while solving the never ending scarcity of energy.

Day 2 prepares each person for the optimum receptivity of the Codex, as transmitted by the Blue Whales, as well as enhancing specific capacities of human awareness that will assist each person to fully participate with the vastness of the AKASHA memory, as it relates to the future of the Earth. MICHAEL explains in great detail, the preparation necessary to enter the Akasha, and introduces the three Guardians of the Akasha, who guide each of us with care and compassion as we open to the wonders contained with the living presence of the Akasha.

This personal preparation is accomplished by a series of 120 specifically designed audio tones that are created from direct Divine guidance, which harmonize, balance, repair and activate our DNA. Once these sensitive adjustments have been accomplished, each person begins to communicate with the Earth in a new way, allowing each one to receive the personal care and communication from the Dolphin communities that are currently preparing Humanity for the experience of the Codex of Amenti and the Life that follows.

During the past 15 years of my adventure with MICHAEL, I have understood more and more regarding the ancient relationship between Archangel MICHAEL and the Shebai people of Lemuria. This two day presentation contains the most important information that I have received regarding the Lemurians and their preparations for the "New Earth and the new Heaven". The new reality is being enlivened at every level of Creation, within and without. The art of envisioning our future has never been more important and the sacred Blessing of Divine Compassion more accessible.

In MESSAGES FROM THE AKASHA, Archangel MICHAEL brings each person the ability to honor their past before turning their full attention to the future. With the loving help of our ancient friends the Blue Whales and the Dolphins, we are reminded of our shared past and invited to open our hearts to the future, as we explore our common destiny.

Come and share two divinely inspired days, wrapped in the loving arms of the ARCHANGELIC BLESSING OF MICHAEL.


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